How to Determine the Right Size for Your Water Fountain

Are you interested in a wall fountain for your home or office? Whether you want a fountain for your wall, tabletop or courtyard, you will enjoy the prestige and comfort this device brings you. Wall fountains are especially popular, considering that they can adapt to almost any living situation. However, right about now you may be wondering just what size of wall hanging fountain do you need. How can you tell? After all, you certainly do not want to order the wrong size of wall fountain, put it up and realize that it doesn’t fit your wall!

For starters, before buying any selection of wall fountains make sure to check your living area (or work office) for available space. Pay close attention to the wall length and the height of the ceiling. If you have a high ceiling then ideally, you are looking for a fountain that is tall or vertical size wall fountain.   If the wall is long and has an average height for the ceiling, or perhaps smaller than average height, then your best bet is a horizontal wall fountain.

You want to avoid a tall vertical fountain for a wide wall, unless you have other plans for filling up the sides. You also have to give some attention to the depth of space. If the fountain will be situated in a hallway, for example, then the average depth you are looking for would have to be relatively small. Some people might say six inches is a good figure, but remember you don’t want the fountain to jut out too far. This could cause your guests to run into the fountain or get themselves wet by brushing up against it.

In general, a wall fountain is supposed to open up a space, not crowd it. An ideal place for a fountain would be an empty wall, not a cluttered wall. What you might try is getting the measurements of the fountain you like and then measuring your wall beforehand. You could keep track of these measurements by using tacks, tape or even post it notes. These will act as your reference. Create four corners using these objects that will represent the four corners of the fountain. Now that you have these measurements in place you can back up and observe what looks acceptable. Some users will actually go so far as to create a template fountain using poster board. (You simply cut them into measurable pieces)

In any event, a wall hanging fountain will provide you a great deal of comfort and excitement, whether you welcome clients or guests. Using these tips you can decide the best place to put your wall hanging fountains so they will attract attention!

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