How to Delight Your Senses with Your Garden Fountain

A lot of people believe that one of the greatest pleasures in life is when all our senses – seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, and smelling – are delighted. Well, there’s one good way to keep all your senses delighted and that’s through having a garden fountain.

Delight your sense of sight with a garden fountain:

Visual Appeal of Garden Fountains

Think of visual appeal with the light, movement and color of a garden fountain. A garden fountain can be an ideal focal point for your garden. It’s a good idea to surround your fountain with different plants with warm colors for soothing and stimulating sensation. Choose plants that butterflies and birds love. Use light in your fountain to bring magic to dark and gloomy nights. You can even use gazing balls, garden sculptures and mirrors in your fountain for an added visual appeal.

Delight your sense of hearing with a garden fountain:

The Relaxing Sound of Water from Garden Fountain

To delight your sense of hearing with your garden fountain, introduce pleasing sounds. While the whisper of wind and the symphony of birds’ chirps are readily provided by nature, you can also add more pleasure for your ears. Try adding melodic wind chimes, water bells, and even burbling waterfall fountains for a magnificent sensory setting.

Delight your sense of smell with a garden fountain:

Delighting your sense of smell with garden fountain

Add scents to your garden fountain by planting jasmine, gardenias, day lilies and honeysuckle around your fountain. You may even include an herb garden by planting basil, mint and rosemary around. Take pleasure in aromatherapy by using scented candles, aromatic incense and aromatic scent diffusers.

Delight your sense of touch with a garden fountain:

Delighting your sense of touch with a garden fountain

The touch of the garden fountain is really extraordinary. Dip your toes and fingers in the sparkling flowing waters in your garden fountain. Touch the flowers and plants around and you’ll certainly delight your sense of touch.

Delight your sense of taste with a garden fountain:

Great afternoon tea time by the garden fountain

Who would not be delighted to have a morning coffee or afternoon tea time in your garden as your garden fountain delights all your other senses? Try it and you’ll probably have the best sip of your tea or coffee ever!

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