How to Create a Water Focal Point with Fountain Spitters

If you have a pond or pool in your backyard, you likely know that water can bring a sense of calm and serenity to your space. If you do not have one of these water features, setting up a small resin pond or a tiny water feature can help you to create a lovely and relaxing focal point in your yard. Fountain spitters are wonderful additions to virtually any water feature, serving to drip or spit water from a decorative feature that adds the calming effect of rushing water to an already beautiful display. There are many different models to choose from, including those that are well suited for both large and small features.

Pond spitters can be placed in the center of your pond or can even be placed around the edges so that they place water back into the pond while providing a decorative barrier. These features will naturally draw the eye to your water feature, ensuring that your yard provides family members and guests alike with a sensation of relaxation, awe, and tranquility. There are many different designs and decors to choose from, making it easy to place lifelike people or animals in your pond or to create decorative items that will send flowing water into your feature.

When choosing a fountain spitter, you will find that you can elect for a classic design such as an urn or a cherub or a playful design such as frogs, fairies, and other creatures. Natural designs are also popular and can display plants, animals, and other natural features that will look great and match the theme of your water feature. For smaller fountains, such as those built in barrels, a small spitter placed around the rim of the barrel can offer a lovely decorative touch without overpowering the feature itself.

The beauty of pond spitters is that they allow you to turn an already remarkable water feature into something special. Moving, flowing water is exceptionally stress releasing and can create a beauty and charm that the average pond simply cannot. If your backyard pond or fountain is in need of a touch that will help create a more tranquil setting, these pieces can really offer great benefit. With numerous sizes, designs, and effects possible, finding what you want can be as easy as setting a theme for your yard or water feature and seeking out the perfect design to help you bring it to life.

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