How to Create a Backyard Escape

iStock_000001823091XSmallThere are times when you just want to escape from the world, especially if you spend your days busy and living in a stressful environment. However, if you have a busy household, it can be very hard to find that escape in your own home. Everyone needs a chance to relax and just get away. You can easily create a backyard escape that will allow you that getaway moment just steps from your back door.

Make Sure it is Private

A backyard escape is not an escape if your serenity is interrupted by traffic driving by, the neighbor’s dogs barking, or people walking by and talking. You need to ensure that your backyard escape is truly secluded. To do this, consider adding a privacy fence or a privacy hedge. If you opt for a hedge, it may take longer to get total privacy in your yard since the hedges will need to grow. Keep that in mind when making your plan.

Choose to Create a Space to Relax

If you have the space, create outdoor rooms. In other words, plan your garden with hedges, plants and trees in a way that you have one space that is completely surrounded and secluded. Include in that space a bench or swing so that you can just sit and relax without any distraction. Surround the space with your favorite flowers too so that you can enjoy the colors, aroma, and the butterflies that are sure to come.

In addition, add garden fountains to the relaxation space. These water features add to the stress-relieving scenario since there is something very calming about the sound of running water. There are garden fountains in a variety of different styles so that you can choose one you will definitely love.

Make the Space off Limit to Kids

You love your kids. Of course you do, but sometimes you need some time to get away and relax. For that reason, your backyard escape should not be their playground. Make sure the kids have their own space to play and they understand this space is not it. Additionally, this will ensure that kids do no damage to the plants and flowers you have planted.

You can escape the stresses of the world even if your house is busy and stressful as well. Your backyard escape can be the perfect place to get away as long as you plan it perfectly.

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