How to Choose the Right Waterfall for your Garden

There is no question that a waterfall fountain can do wonders for a lush, green garden. It can create an ambiance of peacefulness and positive energy. Some people love the aesthetic value of a garden fountain while others like the relaxing sound of flowing water. Just picture the serene scene as the water flows down rocks and stones. Whereas other scenarios are ideal for water fountains, a garden demands a natural-looking waterfall fountain. It’s a glimpse of paradise! You can achieve this paradise by purchasing a preformed synthetic stone or fiberglass waterfall which can be found in a variety of widths and heights. The various colors of the garden waterfalls will allow you to coordinate with your garden and  landscaping, creating a natural waterfall.

What should you know if you are looking to create your own garden waterfall? This is a slightly different process than simply installing a wall mounted fountain or a tabletop fountain. In this scenario, you have to carefully consider size, placement and water containment. The design of the fountain will be of importance. Naturally, you are not creating a true waterfall, but a fountain simulation of a natural waterfall.

You have to take into account the size of your yard, your own personal taste, and how much you can afford to spend. Garden waterfalls are usually thought of as big, but you are not required to build a giant waterfall to get the point across. Building a grand waterfall fountain is going to be much different than creating a smaller slope waterfall made of pebbles. The larger the waterfall, the more expensive the operation will be.

You will also need some manpower in order to lift large rocks to accommodate your fountain. Smaller waterfalls can be built in a single say. Larger waterfalls may take several days. When considering placement, it does help if you already have a pond in your garden area. This way, you know exactly where you want to put the garden waterfall.

If you haven’t considered where exactly you want you waterfall fountain, then try and visualize the layout of the yard. Usually, contractors and landscapers recommend you start building right on a pre-existing slope. You may consider creating an artificial slope if you don’t already have one. Basically, garden waterfalls are put wherever they can be the focal point of the garden. You want to be able to enjoy the sight of this site from inside looking out as well as from the outside.

You have to give thought to water containment. Some unit come standard with their own pond or pool for the water to re-circulate and other will need a container.  If you do not have a pool or pond already then you will need such a container where the water can fall. In this case, it might be best to purchase pre-fabricated resin pond forms. Waterfall fountains can transform a pretty garden into a beautiful piece of land!

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