How to Choose the Right Water Fountain

Are you interested in wall water fountains? These are truly enjoyable and health-promoting devices. They can liven up an office, a bedroom or a living room. However, how can you be sure which fountain is best for you? Before you start considering different types of fountains, give some thought to where you want to put the fountain. Will it be an interior fountain or will it be placed outdoors? What are your reasons for deciding as such? Once you know these specifics you can narrow down your choices.

You also have to consider how much room you have, particularly when planning an interior wall fountain. Buying a fountain that is too large or wide would clutter a small, studio apartment. On the other hand, if you have a huge, empty wall than a small fountain might be underwhelming. Remember that a fountain is a decorative piece (health benefits aside) and it does attract attention. Your goal should be to create a warm environment. There are a variety of wall fountains to choose from, including garden fountains, balcony fountains and even porch fountains. These smaller fountains can easily adapt into an already existing theme. However, larger tiered garden wall fountains fit in with landscaped grounds.

Another issue to consider when buying a wall water fountain is the traffic you anticipate. If you are adding wall water fountains to a large public space (and anticipate a lot of traffic) then the bigger the better. However, if you are putting a fountain in a small hallway area, you want to make sure the fountain doesn’t protrude outward too much. Otherwise, people will be bumping into it constantly.

For the best results, look at the dimensions for your anticipated fountain. Take down the length, height and depth. You can even use tacks or tape to keep track of the measurements. Be careful not to put the fountain too close to children, as they may be tempted to play with the device.

How will the weather influence your wall water fountain? Will cold temperatures cause more dryness or will there be a high amount of humidity? Lastly, pay attention to the wall fountain’s surroundings. Take into consideration the paint color of the room (if any), the fabric, the patterns and other stylistic factors. Consider whether the area has a rustic feel or urban feel. You might also consider how the material will fit in with your room or outside patio; what about copper, steel or slate? Remember there are hundreds of choices of materials for a wall fountain and dependent upon the material the fountain can weigh as little as eight pounds in a resin garden wall fountain  and go up to over five hundred pounds for a marble wall fountain.

A wall water fountain will definitely make your home or garden area come to life!

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