How To Choose The Right Tabletop Water Fountains For Your Home

Few interior decorating accessories today are as pervasive or popular as tabletop water fountains. And for good reason: they’re soothing, elegant, natural humidifiers, and act as a subtle and beautiful way to enhance your environmental controls in your office. But with so many different makes and models of fountain, made out of such a wide variety of materials, how do you know which tabletop water fountains make the most sense for your home decor and your lifestyle?

Think About Style

Look at the shapes of the furniture and accessories that are already in the room where you’ll put your tabletop water fountains. Do you see rounded edges or sharp corners? Are the hard materials in your room made out of organic materials like wood and stone, or are they made out of glass, plastic and metal?  What about the color scheme? Most tabletop water fountains come in fairly natural, neutral colors, but it’s not impossible to find a fountain that accents a particular focus color that brings the room in question together.

Think About Sound

Are you getting tabletop water fountains for the look, the sound, or a combination of the two? If you’re craving the sound of bubbling, falling water in your home, then it’s important to get a fountain that you’ll actually be able to hear. The two largest factors in the sound level for a fountain are the height that the water flows from, and the speed at which the water flows. The higher and faster the flow of water, the louder the sound will be. So naturally, if you like the look but don’t want the sound to be too loud, be sure to get a low-profile fountain that flows more slowly, perhaps over a flat surface. If you want to ensure flexibility, look for a fountain with a variable flow speed, so the sound of the water can be controlled for any situation.

Think About Extras

Some tabletop water fountains light up; others have soft chimes or have mirrored surfaces. If there’s a particular feature you’re hoping to find, be sure to include that in your consideration when looking for the perfect fountain for your needs. Not every fountain has every feature, and not every feature works in every home. Take the time to really imagine your tabletop water fountain in the room it would call home, and see how well it harmonizes with what’s already there.