How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Fountain

How would you like to improve your garden or interior fountain with the gift of light? Indeed, the right lighting can turn an ordinary object-like a fountain or a mist-into something theatrical and entertaining. Every time the water flow casts a reflection onto a nearby surface it creates a dream-like, shiny effect that is beautiful to behold. Just witness the light show at Bellagio in Las Vegas!

One of the most popular types of fountain light is that of submersible lights. These lights go under water and shine up through the flow and onto the fountain. The effect is something magical and shimmering. Some of these fountain lights have interchangeable colored filters, which helps transform the look and feel of the light. Some wall-mounted fountains or tabletop fountains come with clip-on easel-style lighting. These highlight the water flow from above rather than beneath.

When choosing the size of your fountain light, make sure the piece matches the size of the overall basin. Fountains typically use 5 or 10 watt lights, but just know, the higher the wattage the brighter the light shines. 20 or 50 watt halogen lights are often used for large pond areas. There are many styles of fountain lights to choose from including lily pad lights and spitters with lights. Some lights come in specially colored lenses, perhaps up to four different colors.

When you plan interior or exterior lighting features, you must take into account the surrounding environment. With the proper lighting you can actually set a mood and define the function of a room or patio area. You wouldn’t want a bathroom area lighted the same way as you would light a bedroom; so consider this if you are decorating inside with fountain lights.

With water lighting you are focusing on the beauty of the flowing water. One way to accentuate the movement is to install different light fixtures at various heights. For example, if most of the lighting you currently have is recessed lighting, try to use submersible fountain lights to help the light direction move in different directions. Submersible lights give off ambient light that reflects off the water. It can even light the water as it drips slowly into a basin below.

Above all, try and find a fountain light that is not distracting and in conflict with the rest of the house but one that complements the universal beauty of your home. Lights do not call attention to themselves; not in theory. Rather, fountain lights add to the mood that is established by other pieces.

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