How to Choose the Right Fountain Fogger

What is a fountain fogger? Basically, this feature is for aesthetic purposes. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a mysterious mist develop around their water fountain? These effects can create a feeling of intrigue and excitement among your guests. These devices are not expensive and can fit in any type of room or fountain. Fountain foggers make use of sonic technology.

There are a variety of foggers to choose from. Pond foggers are for small outdoor ponds or water garden areas. These foggers produce more fog than interior tabletops or wall-mounted fountains. They can also be used in deeper waters. Because of this particular technology (with no chemicals involved) the water is safe for aquatic life.

You can also choose to buy larger fountain foggers and fountain misters. Some misters are made for small fountains; they purposely have shorter mechanisms. In general, it’s best to put these fountains within a few inches of the water surface. This helps in producing the most fog. If your fountain is unusually small and the basin measures less than about four inches then try to look for a low head fountain fogger. You can also buy a fountain mister with lights and special effects. You can make the fog and lights swirl or multiply in radiance.

Fountain misters don’t always work perfectly but you can usually fix the problem within a few minutes. For example, if the fogger has stopped working then the likely cause is a defective disc or perhaps a build up of dirt and mineral deposits. What you would do in this case is unplug the fogger and clean it off. Use distilled water for the best results. Some fountain foggers may actually use an excessive amount of fog, and this will result from foggers that do not have enough restriction. You must make this adjustment to the fountain. The lower the water surface, the more fog you get.

The mist around the fountain actually cools the surrounding air. You can make the effect greater by putting a fan behind the fountain and directing the mist a certain way. Misters usually run about five hours while they are under eight inches of water. By this time, the water will have evaporated. Most foggers you see today can automatically shut after the water level sinks.

A fountain mister is a nice addition to the interior or exterior fountain. There are a wide variety of foggers and misters to choose from, including LED lights and halogen features, so let your imagination guide you.

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