How to Care for Your Outdoor Floor Fountain

A floor fountain can be a beautiful addition to any home, office, or business and can be placed inside or outside. These fountains are small or large, but simply characterized by the fact that they are intended to sit on the floor instead of hang on a wall or be placed on a table or other surface. In order to ensure your floor fountain lasts for years to come, you should take steps to care for it properly.

Installation Location: Choosing the proper location to place your floor fountain is extremely important to its longevity. It doesn’t take many falls or knocks to damage a fountain, regardless of what material it is made. It should not be placed in a location where children play, dogs run, or subject to winds. The fountain should be installed securely and placed on a level surface or level portion of the ground.

Cleaning and Maintaining: Outdoor floor fountains require cleaning just like those inside, if not more so. Many floor fountains are intended for use by birds, but even those that are not will get in one. Therefore, the water should be cleaned or replaced any time it looks dirty. This should be done regularly to maintain a properly working fountain. This includes removing any leaves or other debris that may have fallen into the fountain. You should only use cleaners designed for the material which your fountain is made of.

The pump should also be cleaned regularly because it gets dirty as well being outside. In addition, any debris that was not removed can decay and get in the working mechanism of the fountain. A thorough cleaning of the pump should be done as often as practical.

Winterize the Floor Fountain: Outside fountains need to be winterized for the winter months if it will freeze in your area, or anytime you don’t intend to use the fountain for long periods. You can bring the fountain inside if it’s portable, take it apart and store it, or simply drain it completely and cover it securely. It’s important that all tubes, pipes, and fountain areas are completely clear of water to prevent freezing and damage to the fountain.

Repair Damage: Any damage sustained by the floor fountain such as cracks, should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent them getting worse. It may be necessary to replace any worn out tubes or connectors, as well as pumps on occasion.