How Outdoor Solar Fountains Work

As we move into an age where we are starting to place heavy emphasis on unnecessary use of electricity, people are starting to make a shift towards employing solar power. While some people have managed to create entire homes that can function off of the electrical grid, however, many people are thinking smaller. If you are looking to build a new water feature for your yard, solar fountains are certainly excellent choices. The next few paragraphs will help you understand how these fountains work and how the energy from the sun is harvested and turned into the beautiful streams and spouts of water that these features produce.

What makes solar water fountains so unique is that they need no electricity to run. This means never having to worry about keeping your fountain close to an outlet or fearing that a child or pet could be electrocuted. But have you ever wondered just how these fountains work? The solar pump in these fountains is connected to a small panel made of photovoltaic cells that collect and store energy. The cells are comprised of silicon and are very thin. They do not store enough energy for use at night, but during the day they can provide a remarkable display. The reason the pumps do not operate at night is that the energy requirements for the solar pumps are simply too high.

Solar fountains are remarkably easy to use and typically need only to be placed where they will receive enough sunlight to generate sufficient energy. Most fountain panels have approximately fifteen feet of cord so that they can be placed in direct sunlight and can be moved throughout the day if desired. The panels can be mounted on a hard surface such as a wall, staked into the ground, or mounted on a post, depending on whether they will be stationary or will be moved.

Solar fountains are typically thought of as summer items, but they can be used year round in areas that see winter sunlight. It is important to only use the pump during periods where the temperature is above freezing so that water can flow freely. As long as water is flowing and the sun is shining, you will find that you are able to use your solar water fountain regardless of the season. This will help ensure that you have a beautiful decorative water feature all year long without having to worry about using unnecessary energy and inflating your utility costs.

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