How Solar Fountains Work

Society as a whole has begun a move toward more green living in an effort to preserve the environment and natural resources for future generations. This does not mean you should avoid all products, pleasing elements, or manmade items. Instead it is simply a way to produce, use, and dispose of such items in a more environmentally safe way, without waste.

In addition, most of society has been affected by the economy the last couple of years and have been seeking ways to save money. Therefore, the continuing cost of owning something is factored in more often than before when the initial cost was most important. Both of these concerns can be satisfied with solar fountains.

Solar as Alternative to Electric Fountains

Solar fountains use solar energy, or energy harvested from the sun’s rays, to power the pump and motor. These fountains require no electricity or gas to run. They don’t require an electric outlet, extension cord, or other wiring to the fountain.

In solar fountains, the pump motor is connected to a solar panel made of photovoltaic cells which collect and store energy from the sun. The cells in most fountains are very small and are not capable of storing sufficient energy to operate the fountain at night, but are capable of operating it throughout the day. In order to operate at all, the solar panels must be placed in a location where sufficient sunlight will shine on it throughout the day.

Most fountains come with panels attached to a cord that allows their placement in the sun any time of day without moving the fountain. The sun shines throughout the year, not just in spring and summer. We often think because it’s cold outside, there is no sun, but that’s not necessarily true. The solar panel seeks the sun’s rays, so even if it’s cold outside, as long as the water is running freely (and not freezing) and the sun’s rays are hitting the panel, the fountain can be used. Panels can be mounted to a wall, staked in the ground, or mounted on a post to make the most use of the sun.

A solar fountain is the perfect green accessory for your outdoor living area, or simply for your yard to provide a focal point of serenity. Since there are reasonably priced options, your costs will be small. Solar fountains are generally available anywhere you can buy fountains.