How Fountain Foggers and Misters Work

Fountain foggers and misters are common additions to many indoor and outdoor fountains. Not only do these small machines create beautiful fog and mist around your fountain, but they offer remarkable air and health benefits when used within your home. The machines are small, and indoor models use very little electricity, yet the effect they provide is simply astounding.

When you purchase a fountain mister, you will need to simply place the body of the machine into your fountain water and plug it in. The machine will oscillate at high frequencies in order to create a fine mist or spray. The indoor models of these machines are designed to prevent the spray from leaving the fountain or dampening your items and will simply create a beautiful look for your space.

In addition to providing cosmetic benefits, these devices are also remarkably good for the air quality in your home. A simple fogger or mister will add much needed humidity in the air, which can help prevent illness during dryer months. A fountain fogger also purifies and cleans the air in your home, which can be great for people with asthma, allergies, and other sensitivities.

You can use your fogger or mister to help add a unique but subtle scent to your space. Adding a single drop of pure essential oil to the water in a fountain that uses a fogger or mister will slowly distribute the scent throughout the room. Using more than a drop of fragrance can clog the machine or overpower the room, however, as essential oils are very highly concentrated.

Another benefit of fountain misters and foggers is that they work to purify the air in the space around them. This works because the oscillation within the machine produces negative ions. This is the same technology used by ionic air purifiers. Using a fogger or mister to clean and purify the air in your home can be a wonderful touch, and the beauty and simplicity of the machine will ensure that it feels much more like a decoration than a cleaning device.

Fountain foggers are very easy to install and use. Maintenance involves cleaning discs within the machine and taking time to change the water when it is dirty. The oscillation helps to keep water flowing, which means that there is little time for bacterial growth within the fountain, but the constant mist and humidification does mean that you will need to periodically add water. These machines are very user friendly and can add great cosmetic and physical benefit to your fountain, making them a wonderful addition to any space.

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