How Desk Fountains Can Combat Common Workplace Illness

There’s a certain time of year, beginning in late fall and going into early spring, where it seems like every single person in any given office building will come down with some sort of productivity-sapping illness. Even for people who manage to keep from missing work, the dry air and increased pollutants from central heat tend to make everyone sluggish— something which is only exacerbated by the shorter amount of sunlight during the day and the increased difficulty and discomfort in spending time out of doors. But believe it or not, there’s a simple and inexpensive way to help combat both the winter crud and the seasonal blues: through the use of inexpensive, elegant desk fountains.

Desk fountains are small water features made for tabletops and desktops, and other non-floor surfaces. They tend to have stones and some amount of height over which a slow but steady stream of water bubbles and flows, making a soothing, natural sound. Their beauty and simplicity bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, reminding workers of warmer, sunnier days in nature. Of course, that’s certainly not where the benefit of desk fountains end.

The constantly recycling water plays an incredibly important part in the general health and wellness of office workers. The increased humidity is especially important during this cold and dry time of year; not only is the air fairly dry, central heating systems can kick up a large amount of dust and other air pollutants when they haven’t been used for the last eight or nine months. The additional humidity helps combat dust and other airborne irritants, and it also serves as an air ionizer. Air pollutants tend to be charged with a positive amount of ions, and flowing water is negatively ion-charged, so decorative desk fountains help balance the charge in the air and reduce nastiness all around.

So if you’re looking for a gift for your office workers this holiday season, choose something both beautiful and useful: a lovely fountain for their workspace. It will calm nerves, bring a little bit of beauty into the office, and have great physical and emotional benefits throughout the entirety of the cold, dry season of office ailments. When February rolls around and your office is still healthy and happy, you’ll be very glad you made the right choice.