Having an Indoor Garden Water Fountain

There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water trickling over rocks.  Many people love the sound of running water but have no way to enjoy this sound, as they live in apartments or have small yards.  The believe that the requirement for a fountain in the yard is to have a large enough yard to place a pond, but this is not the case.

The simplest of garden water fountains is merely a slow flow of water running over a group of rocks.  There is a variety of ways this can be accomplished on a patio or even in a small herb garden.  A fountain can even be placed inside a sun room or in any open area of your home.

Basic garden water fountains can be constructed with nothing more than a container, such as a barrel or even a decorative bucket, a plastic liner, some rocks and a pump.  All the enterprising gardener needs to do is line the bucket or barrel with a high grade of plastic, such as a heavy grade yard plastic, found at most home improvement stores.  Then you place a pump in the bottom of the container, either a fountain pump from a home improvement store or even a pump from a pet store that is designed for use in fish tanks.

After the pump is installed, all that needs to be done is place a mesh over the intake hole of the pump, to keep out the rocks, run the hose from the pump to the top of the rocks and add water to cover the pump.  When the pump is then turned on, it will pump the water to the top of the rocks, creating the sound of a babbling brook.

If you are looking at adding a fountain but do not want to go through the work involved in making it yourself, there are several options available for purchase.  Garden water fountains come in many sizes and are available to purchase from a wide variety of retailers.  The size of the fountain should be the only consideration when making this purchase.

When placing a fountain in your home, remember to keep it in an area where high humidity will not harm the surrounding appliances.  For example, you would not want to place a fountain next to a computer or near your home entertainment center.  The excess moisture could harm your electronic devices.