Great Ways to Redecorate Your Home

iStock_000019409078XSmallNo matter how much you liked your home décor when you first put it all together, there will come a time when you want to redecorate. After all, you will want to create something fresh, attractive, and up to date.

You may simply have grown weary of the décor you like several years ago. You may find the idea of redecorating overwhelming though. What should you change? Where should you add new décor? All that you need are a few tips on great ways to redecorate your space.

Paint and Flooring Make a Big Difference

If you want a room in your home to look completely different, consider replacing the flooring and changing the paint color. There are flooring options, like laminate, that you can easily lay yourself and they will create a whole new space. However, if changing flooring is out of your budget, then a new paint job can make a room look new and different.

If you want to create a cozy, inviting space, choose warm earth tones for the paint. If you want something bright and airy, consider lighter colors like eggshell, pale blue, or even pale yellow. If you are especially ambitious, visit the local home store and add your own chair rail or crown molding to a room.

Textiles Matter

The fabrics used throughout the room will have a big impact on the décor. The fabrics you need to consider include pillows, wall coverings, and even furniture upholstery. One method home interior decorators use is to pick one printed item like a pillow or chair and then use the colors in that print throughout the room for wall paint, window coverings, and more. If you are on a limited budget, you can choose furniture slipcovers to give the room a whole new appearance.

Pick Indoor Fountains

People often think of indoor fountains as something to use only in offices or corporate spaces. However, the water feature does have a place in your home and it will certainly make a statement. An indoor fountain can be small enough to sit on a table or large enough to take up a wall. Either way, you will be adding a peaceful conversation piece to your room.

When you get ready to redecorate your home, it only takes simple changes to create a whole new look to the space. You do not have to be overwhelmed by your options either. Simply consider the walls and floors, think about fabrics, and consider a water feature.

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