Garden Fountains for Asian Themes

Asian-themed gardens are among the most popular of all designs. These gardens have some unique characteristics to them that need to be emphasized to get the right effect. There are several different ways you can use garden fountains as a part of this design. The main things to keep in mind are that bigger is not necessarily better in these gardens and that materials that blend will usually be preferable to materials that are very bold and eye-catching.

In Asian gardens, several garden fountains can be distributed across the landscape. This is a fun way to create different areas within a small space, each one having its own small fountain as a part of its look and feel. If you do want a large, central fountain, there are plenty of designs that fit in with Asian themes. In some cases, you can create an interesting twist by simply breaking the rules and putting in something that’s very contrasting with the overall Asian theme and creating an eclectic, unique feel to the garden, as well.

Garden fountains made out of copper and bamboo are obvious choices for Asian gardens. The smaller models have a very subtle, pleasant sound to them that lends itself well to spaces that are supposed to have a tranquil, meditative feel. Asian gardens are also typically big on details, and adding fountains to strategic parts of the garden can give them a very purposeful and designed feel. Larger fountains emit more water noise and this can block out the sounds of the town or city around the garden, creating a space that’s truly secluded and removed from the everyday noises that define so much of modern life. Along wooden walkways, fountains can make very beautiful places to stop for a second or two.

Garden fountains are easy to maintain, but those with larger amounts of water in them may need treatments to prevent algae and other organisms from making them into homes. There are plenty of different options for keeping the fountain water clean. Some are natural and pet safe and some are not designed to be used around pets. Some garden fountain designs also include additional such as spitters, which add another element to the water feature and that can make it a bit more unique and personalized. In Asian-themed gardens, however, most any appropriate fountain will enhance the environment.