Garden Fountain Maintenance Tips

When looking to make an outdoor space more appealing or to add a focal point that draws in the eye, a garden fountain can be a wonderful choice. There are thousands of fountains out there for people to choose from, and with so many styles, designs, prices, sizes, and types out there, finding the perfect fountain for any space can be surprisingly easy. When maintaining a fountain for the first time, however, there is much that should be learned in order to keep the fountain in beautiful, healthy condition and to help it last longer while looking as good as new.

One of the simplest but most important tips that fountain owners should heed is to keep the garden water fountain free of debris.  Tree limbs, leaves, and other things that wander into your water feature can clog your pump and can make your water murky. Cleaning out this debris is very important. Maintaining your fountain by cleaning the water and the pump on a monthly basis is equally important. Taking the cover off of the pump and cleaning it with a toothbrush can help keep it running beautifully for years. The fountain itself can be cleaned by removing water and adding new or by using fountain additives.

One additive or water treatment that is crucial for a  garden fountain is an algae remover. Algae can clog your pump, create green or black water, take over the stone that comprises your fountain, and create an unpleasant odor. Using an additive that removes and prevents algae can keep this problem from occurring and can keep your fountain looking and smelling great. Only a few drops are needed per gallon of water, yet it is highly effective. Using an additive to prevent white scale is also highly recommended. It will prevent hard water stains as well as scaly pink and white buildup. Another way to prevent this is to use distilled water in your fountain with each fill.

Maintaining your garden water fountain can be rather easy, provided you are willing to take the necessary steps. With any fountain, you are advised to read all of the instructions from the manufacturer carefully. This will help you to ensure that your fountain is always treated properly. Maintain the appropriate water level at all times to ensure that the pump does not stop working, and top off water levels as needed. By taking these steps and cleaning according to the manufacturer’s directions, you can ensure that your garden fountain has a long and healthy life while providing tremendous aesthetic benefit to your space.

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