Garden Feng Shui- Energize Your Garden with Feng Shui Fountains

Feng Shui is an ancient art that is created around the principles of arrangement and placement of different elements to create a spiritual balance. Chi, or energy, should be positive and should flow freely through a given space, and Feng Shui helps to make this happen. Feng Shui fountains are excellent for placement in a garden, where they can be used to help create balance and to make the space more appealing for people and animals as well as your plants.

When looking at garden fountains for the purposes of Feng Shui, it is important to keep the elements in mind. Your garden will likely have plenty of wood represented (plants) as well as earth (soil), and the water from the fountain will also represent the water element. This leaves fire and metal as two elements that you may need to add to the space. Fire can be represented by the color red, as well as by using torches or flames. Red flowers are an excellent way to implement the element, as are glazed pots. Metal is easily represented through the use of a copper fountain or other metal decorations and additions.

Feng Shui water fountains not only balance the elements, but stillness and motion as well. While stagnant water represents an inability of energy to flow, the motion of the water within the fountain will help facilitate the positive flow of energy throughout the space. Using granite or other building materials for your fountain will create a sense of balance, as the earth element represents calm and stillness. It is only by creating a balance between elements and between such opposites as flow and stillness that the true principles of Feng Shui can truly be achieved. Making use of many materials, colors, and plants can help make your fountain more effective.

Regardless of what fountain material or type you choose, your garden fountain can be a big part of implementing the principles of Feng Shui into the space. Any of the elements can be represented by the fountain, and the key will be to use adornments and elements to help create a sense of balance. As long as all of the elements are equally represented and the garden is arranged to provide an open space that is suitable for the flow of energy, you will find that your fountain is a major part of the practice and that it will become an essential part of your garden.

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