Fountains for Schools

There are all kinds of school environments in the modern world. These include nursery and church schools, elementary and high schools, and colleges or universities too. There are also all kinds of trade, dance, and arts schools as well. Most such facilities will have a “standard” array of public spaces that include activity or play grounds, entrances, and even some gardens too. Any of these locations are ideally suited for one of the many varieties of school water fountains available.

Consider that school and college water fountains can be made from steel, stone, acrylic, resin and an array of other materials. They can be mounted to a wall or positioned on the ground or the floor. They can have spouts and streams of water or they might have a gently spilling pattern instead.

What are some good examples of suitable designs for school or college water fountains? It helps to first understand that massive stone fountains are not the only ways that such features can fit into the environment. Consider a nursery school with a small bird and flower garden. This would be a location ideally suited for a birdbath fountain outfitted with a solar panel. This would allow the young students to observe wildlife and would also provide the space with a lovely and decorative feature.

Naturally there are many models of school water fountains that are much grander, and a high school’s front entrance might benefit from the installation of a large resin floor fountain around which gardens are planted. This sort of fountain would require only regular maintenance and some extra preparation in the winter months to prevent the pump and lines from freezing or cracking.

This is really the only area of concern with school or college water fountains – the maintenance and upkeep. Firstly, it is important to remember that all fountains rely upon a pump of some kind to move the water through the system and create any jets or sprays. There are some models that can be powered by a solar panel, but the majority relies upon electrical motors. This means two things – the need for a power supply and the need for cleaning.

One of the most frequent problems with any fountain is that the pump gets clogged by debris – whether it is leaves, algae, or even coins. To prevent this from destroying the pump many people will put the entire housing inside a section of pantyhose which then serves as a filter and a way to make cleaning much simpler.

Where school water fountains and electrical services are concerned there is going to be some very strict guidelines about safety and the accessibility to the plugs and outlets. For this reason most schools take special pains to keep such items well concealed; often beneath or behind the fountains themselves.

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