Fountain Water Evaporation Rates

How much are you supposed to fill your garden water feature? As you probably know, all water fountains are prone to evaporation. You are required to re-fill your fountain in order to prevent problems with water flow. However, how much is too much? There is actually no set guide to work with here. There is no particular amount of water that must be added to a fountain, nor is there a predetermined schedule for doing so.

Many variables have to be taken into account when considering the rate of garden water features and evaporation. For example, you have to consider the type of heating and cooling systems that you use inside your house. You have to consider the size of the outdoor fountain as well as the wind speed. What is the climate like and what season are you currently in?

Usually, the highest rates for replacing or adding to outdoor water features are found in areas like Arizona. That is, arid and desert-like territories. On the other hand, when you are working in coastal areas or in other areas known to have high humidity and cool weather (as opposed to cold or hot), then you have a much lower evaporation rate.

Maine is a good example of a cool state with high humidity—and not coincidentally a low evaporation rate for garden water features. An average day in Tucson, Arizona however, usually delivers an annual evaporation rate of 100 inches. If you were to divide this figure by 365 days, you would get about one third of an inch every single day. This tells us immediately that outdoor fountains in low humidity territories would need to be refilled a great deal more than the typical indoor fountain.

This is true all the more so if the outdoor water feature is placed in direct contact with the sun. On the other hand, if the feature gets a lot of rainwater, or if it is kept covered by walls and a ceiling, then it would only need about a cup or so of water added every two days.

What you do want to make sure of is that the water is being pumped at all times. If the fountain is empty then you could easily burn out the motor and ruin the fountain. Try and get into a regular habit of adding water to your outdoor garden water feature. Add water to the outdoor water feature while you water your plants. Exterior water fountains add a great deal of life and beauty to your home!

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