Fountain Pumps- Tips and Tricks

When you purchase a fountain, you will quickly learn that one of the most important aspects of keeping it beautiful is maintaining your pump. Even the smallest problems can keep your pump from working properly. What follows are some of the most common fountain pump issues as well as some tips and tricks for getting your pump working without needing to call a repair person. By following these simple tips and keeping your pump well maintained, you can help ensure that your fountain and pump enjoy years of healthy and beautiful life.

If your pump is humming or seems to vibrate, you need to first ensure that it is entirely submerged in water. This is the most common cause of pump vibrations. You will also want to ensure that the water fountain pump isn’t bumping the side of the fountain or container. If this is the case, a piece of rubber or a Scotch Brite pad can be place between the pump and the basin to stop the sound.

If your problem is water overflowing the basin when the pump is turned off, then you likely have too much water in the fountain. The water level must stay at a certain level to prevent problems with the fountain, but too much water can actually be as problematic as too little water. When the pump is turned on, the water level should be no less than three fourths of an inch from the top of the basin. This will ensure that when the fountain turns off and the pump empties into the basin you do not get an overflow problem.

The third common problem is when no water flows from your fountain pump. If this is the case, the first thing you will want to check is the tubing. Make certain that the tubing has not disconnected from the pump or has not become crimped or twisted. If everything is intact, you can try gently tapping your pump on a solid surface to see if the impeller has simply shifted and needs to be moved back into place. If the taping does not work, most the pumps can be easily disassembled and the impeller examined. Sometimes, a piece of debris will cause the impeller to sick and not turn; if this is the case the impeller can be removed and cleaned.   Last, you should try cleaning the pump. Removing algae with a toothbrush will help to remove any buildup, and using a pipe cleaner in the tubing will remove any clogs or debris. Keeping a small section of pantyhose over the pump will act as a filter that can keep debris out.

These simple tips can help you extend the life of your pump greatly. These problems can start out as minor annoyances, but without attention, they can become major problems. Proper maintenance is crucial with fountains, and following these tips is a great way to keep your fountain working perfectly.


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    Can you adevise me my pump has stopped working I have checked the plug to the marines and my cable all is ok ,my impowpler is not spinning it is clean and free but when I power it up it will not spin the fuse is ok is there anything more I can try thanks albert
    Peak top ltd submersible fountain pump PT-606[o] 220-240v 50hz7.5w if there is nothing more I can try I will need to replace it what is the nearest you have to this pump as a replacement the one above looks the same thanks for any help you can give me could mine need to be demagnized I don’t know .

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    Thanks for the information. I’ve really been looking into lake fountains, seeing as I’d love to have one in my own yard. I really feel like it would dress up our plain lake. I’ll make sure I follow your tip about maintaining the pump. That seems like a pretty crucial thing.

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