Fountain Odors- Causes and Solutions

The smell of stagnant water is certainly one that most people recognize and is rather unpleasant. Having this smell in your home or garden water fountain is certainly something that you want to avoid. A fountain should be beautiful and relaxing, and fountain water treatment and maintenance is the easiest way to ensure that odors do not have a negative impact on your fountain. The three biggest contributors to fountain odors are algae, anaerobic bacteria, and decaying organic matter. Learning to treat these things is the key to eliminating odor, and the following tips will help you do just that.

One of the most important things you can do is to use your pump often. Circulating the water in your fountain will put oxygen into the water, which will prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria. The pump will also circulate any fountain chemicals throughout the water, keeping it healthier and cleaner. Many people are surprised to learn that running the pump constantly will actually help it last longer than if it is turned on and off. Just remember to clean the pump with a small toothbrush once per month to eliminate buildup.

Another important step is to clear out any organic matter that does not belong. Sticks, fallen leaves, and other items such as this are not only unsightly, but as they break down they will release toxic gases into the water. To further help your fountain water treatment to be more effective, change the water in your fountain any time that is has sat for two or more days without the pump running. When the pump runs constantly and you add new water to combat evaporation, you will rarely need to change your fountain water.

Fountain chemicals are designed to prevent white scale buildup and inhibit algae growth are very important. These can both treat and prevent fountain odors by breaking down bacteria and algae that cause these smells. Only a few drops per gallon of water are needed, and the results are remarkable. Cleaning all of the rocks in your fountain is also important, as algae can cling to them. Vinegar or bleach will work well for this but be sure to read the cleaning instructions that were included with your fountain to prevent using any damaging products.

In short, maintaining your fountain is the key to odor elimination. Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully. Taking the time to keep your fountain oxygenated and cleaned will prevent odors and other problems from accumulating in your fountain. Fountain water treatment is a great way to keep it looking beautiful and running smoothly and will help provide the benefits that led you to purchase such a great decorative piece to begin with.

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