Fountain Maintenance and Care

Fountain water treatment is an important part of owning a fountain. How much maintenance work are you looking at for an average size fountain? You might be surprised to know that water fountains do not require heavy maintenance. Once these features are set up, you will only have to clean the fountain, replace the evaporated water and apply fountain water treatments on a weekly basis.

You will have to ensure that the water level is at its peak. The pump must always be submersed in water if it is to function correctly. There is no given standard here. The amount of water the fountain loses in a day can change, as it is affected by heat and aridness. The more humidity is in the air, the less water the fountain will lose. Rather than add a few gallons every other day, it’s best to add just a little bit of extra water on a daily basis. Just think of it as another plant to water!

Applying fountain chemicals treatment rids your fountain of algae, mineral deposits and white scale. This is not intended to be a replacement for a thorough cleaning; just a temporary solution. When you apply water treatment on a weekly basis, you do not have to constantly clean the fountain or replace the water. Of course, fountain water treatment can only work to a point. Use only a minimal amount of fountain water treatments when the time comes; just a few drops will suffice for a gallon of water.

Eventually, you have to clean the entire fountain area (usually every quarter, or sometimes twice a year). Cleaning the fountain and water replacement are both important. Fountain chemicals can build up in the basin and in the pump. Once they start building up inside the pump, the device is at risk of being damaged. The absolute worst thing you can do is to try and keep the pump running when it is not underneath the water surface. Remember that the water cools the pump and maintains the temperature.

How can you clean a pump and get rid of fountain chemical pollution? First, unplug the pump and then remove the debris on the outside. You can scrub the piece using a clean rag. If you are having difficulty getting out the algae, then soak the outer piece in vinegar. Next, remove the pump cover. Pull out the impeller and remove any debris that you see. Now re-cover it and restart.

Fountain chemical pollutants can affect the safety of your water feature. Regular maintenance is important to a fountain’s long life.  Always refer to the manufacturers suggested cleaning and maintenance included with your fountain before cleaning or adding anything to your fountain.


  1. Stanley says

    I have a Kinetic wall fountain and am going on vacation for one week. I don’t think there will be any water left when I come back if I leave it on. Are there any creative ideas on how I could leave the pumps running for 1 week without refilling with water?

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