Floor Fountains Add Visual Appeal to any Room

Sometimes a room just seems to be missing something. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it just isn’t complete. Maybe it lacks a focal point, maybe there is a large empty space, or maybe there is a wall vacant of any decoration. Whatever the case may be, floor fountains add great visual appeal and can make the difference in any room.

You can put floor fountains in most any location as long as there is sufficient space for it and it is close to an electrical outlet. You do not want to place floor fountains where they may get hit or knocked causing potential danger or spills. There should be plenty of room on all sides of the fountain to allow people to pass without problem.

Floor fountains can come in several different styles and designs, as well as sizes. They can be novelty, classic, fun, naturalistic, contemporary, or any design you can imagine. They can even be customized for your particular needs.

Types of Floor Fountains

Tiered Fountains: This style is still what comes to mind for most people when they think of a fountain. It’s made of two or more basins in graduated sizes directly over each other where water flows from the top basin down until it hits the bottom basin. They are usually made of some type of stone.

Cascading Fountains: A type of tiered fountain, these are designed with many different elements flowing from a small basin to graduating larger basins. These are often offset and actually pour from one to the other.

Water Wall Fountains: These fountains have a single basin and a wall of water that flows continuously from the top to the basin. It is basically a single sheet of water, but can be curved or even circular.

Statute Fountains: These are also very familiar to most people and are designed with one large basin and a statute in the center that sprays water from some part of it into the basin.

Small, Miscellaneous Fountains: Some floor fountains are simply buckets or pots that have different designs in them creating the fountain. These can be used in most in location and for any home.

No matter what style you choose, you will enjoy years of soothing sounds, beauty, and simple visual appeal in your home or office. Floor fountains can be purchased online or from garden centers or home improvement centers.