Fitness Centers and Fountains

A health center fountain is a natural choice for anyone working out the décor of such a facility. The look and feel of a fountain lends itself well to the environment, and activities, that usually characterize one of these establishments. For starters, fountains can make any environment seem sophisticated and elegant or ultra-modern and dynamic. There are enough choices and designs to suit any facility. Some of these can be very much customized to fit the needs of particular clients.

Fitness center fountains are oftentimes chosen to add energy to the environment. Metal and glass fountains are particularly good for this. Floor models, stationed in the lobby or another public area, can make the environment seem fresh and add a feeling of excitement to the décor. These fountains can be emblazoned with corporate logos, which makes them useful as an advertising medium, as well. In a fitness center, a fountain with a very audible sound element is an excellent feature. The white noise tends to dampen the noise of the gym and to create a sense of separate space. When new clients are in the lobby considering a membership, the sound of the fountain will also prove relaxing and may defuse some of the nerves that individuals feel when signing up for the gym.

The size of a fitness center fountain will depend upon the size of the facility as a whole and the area in which the fountain is to be stationed. Remember that a fountain should always enhance a space and never be so large as to look clumsy. The décor doesn’t need to be rearranged around the fountain, but the fountain should be selected so that the size fits the room without creating a sense of crowding. A fountain, because of the water, tends to create a feeling of motion, but when crowding is an issue this becomes compromised. Make sure that any logos on the fountain are clearly visible to those who enter the office.

Health center water fountains will have to be kept clean, for obvious reasons. There are several different products available that keep the water fresh and the fountain looking at its best. Psychologically, fountains have a refreshing sort of effect, which fits very well with a workout facility or health center. Smaller, wall-mounted fountains are also an option. These fountains can be mounted most anywhere and immediately call attention to the wall on which they’re stationed. This effect can be used very skillfully by a good designer, professional or otherwise.

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