Fine Art Fountains

Are you looking for the perfect item to fill a space on your wall or within your home or office? Are you torn between finding a unique piece of fine art that is simply breathtaking or purchasing a lovely wall fountain that will provide humidification, relaxation, and a positive energy flow? With a fine art wall fountain, you can obtain a remarkable piece of décor that serves to offer both of these features at once.

Harvey Gallery creates remarkable one of a kind handmade fine art fountains for any space. They have created dozens of these fountains over the years, and no two are alike. These fountains are world renowned for their beauty and quality as well as their truly unique nature. Designed by highly skilled craftsmen in Pennsylvania, years of talent and experience go into creating these sculptures, paintings, and amazing water features. The result is a fine art fountain so remarkable that it would not look out of place in the world’s finest museums.

These fountains are designed by painting an image onto the reverse side of a piece of acrylic panel. The panel is painted by hand, and the material is virtually unbreakable. The water of the fountain runs down the front side of the panel, leaving the paint untouched, but creating a breathtaking visual effect. The image serves as a backdrop for the waterfall. The finished piece will offer a tranquil and relaxing sound and will be framed by natural copper, offering a sense of refinement and beauty to any space in which it is placed. Simply put, these wall fountains are the centerpiece of a room regardless of where they are placed.

Built in lighting is also available with these fountains. The lights are built into the panel and can appear as parts of the painting, showing up as stars, fireflies, or other natural features. These small lights generate almost no heat and last for up to 5,000 hours of use, creating a water feature that is simply outstanding. These art fountains are truly among the most original and one of a kind decorative pieces that can be purchased and offer a unique blend of mediums that create at once a remarkable painting and a magnificent water feature. Rarely are two such separate mediums able to blend together in such a remarkable way, and yet these fountains so seamlessly blend these elements that it seems as though art was always intended to look and sound just like this.

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