Feng Shui in Office Settings

Let’s face it; the office is one of the places in the world that offers the most stress and anxiety. Employees working in stressful conditions are more likely to experience headaches, succumb to illnesses, and simple have a hard time concentrating. Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of arrangement, can be a great way to redirect the energy within an office space. A simple water fountain or indoor water fall in your office can help to create a sense of calm and relaxation that will make all employees less stressed and better able to perform their duties. The next few paragraphs will help you learn how to achieve this.

Feng Shui is based around creating a balance of the five elements. While the element of metal is likely found in your office in abundance when looking at filing cabinets, chairs, and other items, it is important to add the other elements as well in order to create a sense of balance and a more positive flow of energy. Indoor waterfalls can implement multiple elements at once, adding the water of the fountain as well as the element represented by the fountain itself.

Wood is an important element when it comes to Feng Shui. An excellent way to incorporate this element into your office space is through the addition of live plants. While the color green is an excellent representative of the element, using plants instead will create a flow of air and energy from the living essence of the plant, making the balance more effective. Water is implemented through the use of indoor water falls, which provide moving water to help create a more pronounced flow of positive chi throughout the space. This element will provide harmony, while the sound of the rushing and falling water will also provide a relaxing ambiance that promotes a sense of calm throughout the space.

Other ways to employ Feng Shui are to reduce clutter and arrange furniture. Clutter blocks the flow of energy, but removing small items and keeping desks clear will allow for a greater sense of calm and serenity. When arranging furniture, ensure that desks and chairs are not near the entrance to the room and keep from backing people up against windows. This will help prevent the blockage of negative energy within the space.

In short, while Feng Shui can be complex, the basic principles are easy to integrate into your space. Using indoor waterfalls can provide a great deal of calm, while using fountains made of stone or earth elements can help provide balance. The office doesn’t have to be a source of stress, and these methods can help to greatly reduce it.

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