Feng Shui Home- The Element of Water

Feng Shui is a wonderful ancient practice that implements all of the natural elements into a space to help create a positive flow of energy. While there are a total of five elements that are used in the practice, water is certainly one that is very important. Feng Shui fountains make excellent use of the element while still offering a sense of balance between all of them. The beauty of these fountains is that they keep water constantly moving, which also helps to keep the positive energy flowing throughout the room at all times. Stagnant energy is bad for the body and mind, but keeping energy flowing is considered to be very healthy.

Feng Shui is an art that involves the careful placement of all objects, materials, and colors within a room. Indoor floor fountains can be a great way to add décor to an area of the room without blocking the flow of energy. The fountain that you choose can also represent one or more elements in addition to the water that flows through it. A metal fountain, such as one made of copper or steel, will represent the element of metal, while a fountain made of stone, ceramic, or other similar materials will represent the element of earth.

Fire is typically represented through candles or flames, though the addition of red items to the space can also fill the need. Wood, the final element, can be represented by the color green or by the simple addition of live plants to the room. Many plants can make a wonderful addition to your Feng Shui fountain, though taking the time to choose a plant that won’t visually overwhelm the space is very important. By choosing the right representatives of each element for your space, you can create a greater sense of harmony and balance within the room.

Feng Shui can be incorporated into a room in many ways. Using chimes, furniture, paints, plants, and decorative items can be great ways to achieve this balance. Your indoor floor fountain will also make a significant difference on the energy of the space it inhabits. The water itself will create a wonderful elemental balance, and the flow of the water will help ensure that the energy within the space is constantly moving. Feng Shui can be easy to incorporate and highly rewarding. When properly implemented in the room, you will notice less stress and anxiety as well as a much more effective flow of energy.


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    Where can I find/purchase this founbtain? I tried to get this info from your customer service person (Teresa) with no luck. HELP!

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