Fast Feng Shui with Water Fountains

A growing number of people are becoming acquainted with the concept of Feng Shui every day. This practice is the art of arranging furniture, decorations, and other items to help promote a positive flow of energy throughout a given space. While Feng Shui takes years to fully master, the tips and tricks given in this article will help you learn how indoor water features can help to create a sense of Feng Shui within your space. Once you understand the basics, you can create a Feng Shui friendly space within a matter of minutes, reducing the amount of stress in your home and improving your health as well as relationships and inner peace.

One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is creating a space that allows for positive chi, or energy, to flow. The implementation of indoor water falls allows for this energy flow to work much more simply. The flow of the water promotes the flow of energy. Water is the element associated with health and wealth, so these fountains can help to improve both of these aspects. When a fountain is made from stone, it also represents the element of earth, while copper and steel fountains represent the element of metal. Adding plants to the area can also help represent the wood element.

Another important aspect of Feng Shui is the placement of objects within a space. The best place to put your Feng Shui fountain or indoor water feature is at the bottom center of the room. A Bagua map, or Feng Shui map, can help you find the best location within any space depending on the parts of your life that you would most like to see a better flow of positive energy in. These maps will also help you learn what elements are best represented within a given space. The bottom center of the room represents your career, so placing your fountain here will promote career growth and satisfaction.

If you are looking for an even stronger representation of the water element within your space, a fountain that also has a mirror can work double duty. Mirrors represent water, so mirrored indoor water falls will certainly help to keep this energy flowing. Feng Shui may take years to understand fully, but by implementing a proper fountain and working with other simple elements, it can take only minutes to create a room that allows for a much greater flow of positive energy within your entire space.

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