Famous Water Fountains of Rome

Rome, Italy has long been cherished by people from across the world for its remarkable art and sculpture. Rome is also home to numerous famed outdoor fountains. From fountains built by famed artists and sculptors to those built by cardinals and others, this city certainly holds numerous fountains that deserve a place near other masterpieces in the world of art.

One of the most famous outdoor water fountains in the world is the Trevi Fountain. This fountain is situated in the Piazza di Trevi and is the home of a world famous legend that states that tossing a coin over your shoulder into the water guarantees that you will one day return to Rome. The fountain was completed in 1762 and features seahorses, a chariot, horses, tritons, and other remarkable features.

The Porter Fountain is a sculpture of a man carrying a barrel. The fountain has long been one of the most talked about in Rome, despite being rather diminutive in size compared to most of the city’s fountains. For many years, political satirists attached their satire to the fountain in the forms of poems and jokes, which helped the fountain to become known as one of Rome’s talking fountains.

Two famed Roman fountains that warrant mentioning together are the fountains of St. Peter’s Square, or San Pietro, in Vatican City. The square itself was designed by Bernini, a famed sculptor as an approach to the church where St. Peter was buried. The fountain to the north of the square was built by Carlo Maderno in 1613, while the southern fountain was built by Bernini in 1675. The fountains are designed to match one another and are considered to be the focal points of the square.

Bernini also sculpted three other famous fountains in Rome. The Fountain of the Triton features a large Triton, the god of the sea, as well as two dragons, dolphins, children, and more. The Fountain of the Bees, built in 1644, features a bi-valve shell with three bees resting on it. This fountain was originally intended as a watering area for horses. The last of the outdoor fountain trio is the fountain of the Old Boat, which is found below the Spanish Steps. The design of this fountain is a half-sunken shop with water overflowing from it.

These are but a few of the famous outdoor water fountains of Rome. This majestic city has much to offer in the way of tremendously detailed fountains. One of the most splendid things about each of the fountains, however, is that each has a unique and interesting tale to tell.

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