Famous Water Fountains of Kansas City

One of the many things that makes Kansas City such a unique location is the fact that the city is home to a number of beautiful outdoor water fountain displays. These fountains range in size, design, and detail, but each contributes to the city’s reputation as the city of fountains. In the next few paragraphs we will explore a few of the more unique fountains found in the area.

The first fountain that many people hear of in Kansas City is the Crown Center Square fountain. This remarkable outdoor fountain was designed in the late 1960’s as part of an urban renewal project by the founders of the Hallmark Company. The fountain was built in an area with many vacant lots and closed businesses, and offers 48 jets and 48 water shooters. The fountain recycles water at a remarkable 2,200 gallons per minute and employs a 37,500 gallon reservoir underground, meaning that there is no visible basin or plumbing.

The Vietnam Veterans Fountain was dedicated in 1987. This outdoor water fountain was created to memorialize local Vietnam veterans who gave their lives for our country. The fountain features multiple interconnected pools that represent the US investment into the war as well as two pools at the end that represent the split opinions of Americans over the war. The symbolism is striking, and the fountain itself is beautiful, offering remarkable underwater lights at night.

The Children’s Fountain was built in 1995 and is one of the largest in the city. It features six children on pedestals, with each higher than the next. All of the children are suspended over a large basin of water with 12 sprays. The children are all modeled after local children and include a girl with pigtails in the water, followed by a boy on his hands, a boy playing soccer, a ballerina, a boy with crutches, and a frolicking girl.

These outdoor fountains are certainly unique and bring a lot of visitors to the city from all over the world. Kansas City is often known as the city of fountains, and there are certainly many remarkable and impressive fountains to visit. From those mentioned here to such choices as the Volker memorial fountain and the Sea Horse fountain, exploring the fountains of Kansas City promises much entertainment. The outdoor water fountain can be a source of art, inspiration, and so much more, and Kansas City has made a tremendous effort to display some of the best examples of this that our nation has to offer.

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