Famous Water Fountains Around the World

The outdoor waterfall fountain has always been representative of luxury and success. Some of the most breathtaking sights in the world involve a fountain of some sort. Consider five of the most popular outdoor waterfall fountains in the world and what you can expect when you see them in person.

1. The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

This fountain was immortalized in the classic film “La Dolce Vita.” This Vergine aqueduct was built by Agrippa in the year 19 B.C. Centuries later the fountain still stands. It is found on a small piazza about where the Spanish Steps are located. The sculptures around the fountain were created much later, about the middle 18th century by an artist named Nicola Salvi.

2. Versailles Park and Fountains in Versailles, France

This outdoor water feature is found in the garden of the Versailles Palace. There are many hedges and flowers in the garden area. This location is also well known for its entertainment; in warmer seasons classical music is played. It is estimated that this fountain is powered by 1,333 gallons of water!

3. Jet d’Eau in Geneva, Switzerland

Like other outdoor water features, this attraction has become an international landmark. This fountain towers over Geneva at 459 feet. It pushes over 130 gallons of water a second. The feature was first created in the year 1886. A company working at the end of the lake pumped water from the lake on a regular basis. However, when the need for water decreased a hole in the pumping system led to the creation of this fountain. Four years later, it was made into an official landmark of the country.

4. Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

What would Las Vegas be without an outdoor waterfall fountain? This fountain is a show onto itself thanks to its lighting effects and music. In order to power this production Vegas uses 1,200 nozzles, 4,500 lights and up to $40 million dollars. The light display is so complex it actually “dances” in the style of past Vegas entertainers. You can catch this outdoor water feature every half hour from the evening until the midnight hour.

5. Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

These fountains are right outside Peterhof. They are called the Grand Cascade and the Samson fountains and are part of the Russian Versailles area. These fountains were originally created during the administration of Peter the Great. This fountain has a two story high grotto along with pools and jets of water that soak happy tourists.

Some of the most beautiful locations in the world are outdoor waterfall fountains! Now you know a few of the most notable names.

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