European Water Fountain Designs

Finding the perfect garden wall fountain can seem like a very hard decision. Taking a look at the limitless custom design possibilities and reviewing the many standard choices on offer will reveal thousands of possibilities. One option that has been popular throughout history is the classic European water fountain. Europe has long been recognized as one of the most remarkable places for historic art and sculpture, and many of the world’s greatest artists have hailed from the continent. Water fountains based on ancient and classic European art are certainly wonderful choices for any garden or outdoor space.

One of the things that people seem to appreciate about outdoor wall water fountains is that they offer a classic and timeless appeal. While certain modern and artistic fountain designs may fall in and out of style depending on the times, these designs have been loved and cherished for centuries. Bold lions, smiling cherubic faces, and ancient gods have offered water and overlooked homes, castles, and gardens throughout the ages. Even a simple bucket and well styled fountain can offer a sense of old-world European charm and style to your outdoor space. Mounted on the wall of a home or building or placed in the center of a garden, these fountains offer a style that simply defies words.

There are many materials and colors to choose from when selecting a European garden wall fountain. Sandstone is certainly one of the most common building materials, as is concrete. Many fountains can also be built from Italian marble, limestone, and other materials. Additionally, pigments can be added to the building materials to help you create exactly the look you want. Whether you are seeking a classic off-white fountain or seek a hint of green, brown, or other colors, you will be able to find a beautiful European fountain to suit your needs and wishes.

If the idea of a European wall mounted water fountain appeals to you, taking the time to seek out the design and color that you want will help you create the space you really hope to achieve. A relief head, the bust of a mythical god or creature, a beautiful animal, or even an elaborate decorative design can make your space elegant and inviting. Fountains and wall features add distinction and class to any area, and outdoor wall fountains certainly improve the look and ambiance of your space. When you seek something unique and inspiring that isn’t found in every garden and home on your block, a classic European fountain is certainly a fine choice.

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