Enhance Your Property with a Pond Fountain

Do you live on enough land that you have a pond on your property? Is it dull and boring to look out your window at that pond, probably ugly and muddy?  A pond fountain can enhance the visual appeal of your pond and your property as a whole.

The most effective defense against low oxygen, algae, and weeds in your pond is to use a pond fountain for aeration. The more of your pond that is circulated the better; toxic gasses are pushed out of the pond and the dissolved oxygen concentration levels are increased. The best solution is to have a pond fountain that can operate year around.

Decaying organic matter, such as leaves, trees, and animals that have fallen in a pond, release toxic gases into the water and deplete it of much needed oxygen. The toxic gases are detrimental to the health of the pond and the fish, turtles, good bacteria, and plants living in it. Ponds also often have an offensive odor, and less than attractive look.

How a Pond Fountain Helps the Pond’s Ecosystem

Everything living in the pond needs the proper amount of oxygen which for many of the creatures is derived solely from the water. If the water is deprived of oxygen, something needs to be done to aerate the pond to provide that oxygen. A fountain does just that.

In order to create the proper aeration, the fountain should be properly sized for the pond; one too small or too large can create its own problems in the pond’s ecosystem. The deeper the circulation and wider spray pattern the better for the pond’s aeration. This ensures more of the water is included in the aeration, including that at the bottom of the pond.

If you add lights to your pond fountain, running it at night attracts bugs and insects, providing food for the fish. In addition, if you are at the edge of the pond at night, having the insects in the middle of the pond makes it a much more pleasurable experience. Not only are the pond inhabitants better off, but so are you.

So after you’ve installed a pond fountain and allowed it to run for a period of time, when you look out the back door not only will you see a beautiful spray of water, but a clearer, healthier pond as well. And when outside, the soothing sounds of the pond fountain will provide even more enjoyment.