Enhance Your Cube Using Desk Fountains

Many people all across the land spend inordinate amounts of time sitting in front of their computers in a small cubicle. These cubicles are often gray, or perhaps blue if the company happened to be feeling fancy when they placed the order. No matter the color, they are drab and they can suck the life out of many workers. Who says your cubicle has to be boring though? You can find some great, simple ways to liven up your cube so you don’t have to deal with the blandness about which so many workers complain.

One of the simplest and best ways to turn your cube into a place that you don’t mind being is with desk fountains. These are small water fountains that fit just about anywhere, including your desk at work. They come in many different styles that are appealing to men and women, and it shouldn’t take very long to find something that you like.

When you are choosing among the various desk fountains, you need to keep in mind the size. While most of them are small enough to work on a desk, check the measurements and make sure that you have enough room in your cubicle for the fountain without it being in the way. It’s important that you keep the water in the desk fountains clean as well, so that it doesn’t develop an odor – this would make you rather unpopular amongst your coworkers.

Another way that you might want to add a bit of excitement to the cube is to add some posters. Classic movies posters, prints, and enlarged photos of your latest vacation are great options. Of course, you need to make sure that you don’t have anything on or in your cube that someone else might find offensive. If you are in doubt, you can always just ask your immediate supervisor what he or she thinks about it.

This is true of the desk fountains as well. You want to make sure that your boss doesn’t have a problem with the water feature, and that your coworkers don’t mind the sound. Since the sound of these fountains is so soothing, you shouldn’t get very many complaints from the people who are close enough to hear it. In fact, once you bring in the fountain, you will probably see a slew of others following your lead and bringing in their own!