Enhance Any Garden with a Solar Water Fountain

Gardens have long been used as a place for retreat, solitude, and relaxation. Nothing about that has changed much with the ever-changing times. In fact, it seems we look for every piece of soil available for a garden. One of the favorite decorations for gardens is the water fountain, and if you desire an environmentally safe garden, it is a solar water fountain.

No electricity is required to operate a solar water fountain. Solar panels are connected with a cord to the pump and can be moved around the fountain or are located directly on the fountain. The solar panel is placed anywhere around the fountain that is in the sunlight. The solar cell then soaks up the sun’s rays and stores the heat to produce energy when needed. A favorite benefit of a solar water fountain is that because of this solar panel it can be placed literally anywhere in the yard or garden without regard to a power source.

With continuing advances in technology, some solar panels on water fountains have an on/off switch which allows you to use the fountain as you choose, allowing the solar panel to store energy collected when not in use. This allows for the use of the fountain during cloudy days if there is sufficient energy in the solar panel.

As with any water feature, there are several styles from which you can choose, including birdbath type fountains, cascading fountains, small pond fountains, novelty fountains, and even Zen fountains. No matter what type of garden you have, Zen, English, traditional, or artistic, there is a solar powered fountain that will compliment the style.

Costs vary as well, but in a range sufficient to meet most any budget. The cost differences will be mostly due to the size differences and difference in materials used. Materials that may be used to create a solar water fountain include terra cotta, bamboo, slate, resin, or other common fountain materials.

Some fountains come with optional battery packs for use on cloudy days or at night. Solar panels in fountains are unable to store the required amount of energy to run the fountain constantly. These fountains still provide the same beauty and relaxing qualities seen in standard outdoor fountains. If you truly want your garden to be green, using a solar water fountain is the way to go of you and your family.