Electrical Safety for Water Feature Installation

Adding a fountain to your home, business, or garden can be a wonderful way to improve air quality while increasing the aesthetic qualities of a space. Fountains are relaxing and can cleanse the air and remove odors. Because these fountains operate on electricity, however, there are certainly safeguards and precautions that you will want to take before installing water features on your property.

When installing an outdoor water fountain, it is always important to contact the zoning department where you live. There are often laws governing the installation of outdoor fountains, and understanding these laws is crucial. When you are ready to install your fountain, take the time to read all instructions provided by the manufacturer very carefully. Ensuring that you have created the proper electrical connections and that you have safely concealed all electrical components is important. Exposed electrical connections pose dangers to people and animals as well as a fire risk. Improper connections can also create an electrocution hazard within the fountain itself.

Indoor fountains should also be installed with great care and diligence. Water features are certainly beautiful and relaxing, but when improperly installed, the mixture of water and electricity can spell disaster for your home. Always ensure that your fountain is connected to a grounded outlet so that the electricity can be shut down immediately if there is a short or other electrical problem. When your fountain is not grounded, a short or other problem could result in electrocution, which can be fatal for humans or animals that come in contact with the water.

As with any electrical device, be certain to read and follow all instructions carefully. Your indoor fountain will explain in detail how the machine should be set up as well as how to safely plug in and conceal cords and electrical parts. Your water fountains should be able to provide your home with a great deal of aesthetic and physical benefit without posing a potential health or safety risk to anyone inside.

Ensuring that all of your plugs are grounded and that all outdoor water fountains are connected to cords and outlets that are designed for outdoor use is very important. Water and electricity are a very deadly combination, and safety should always be your top priority. When properly installed, indoor and outdoor water features are remarkably safe, but taking the time to ensure that you have performed every step as directed is certainly crucial. With the right precautions and care, your fountains will be safe, beautiful, and long lasting.

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