Easy Garden Transformations: Outdoor Fountains

While some outdoor alterations take serious labor – such as building a deck or creating a retaining wall – others aren’t so labor intensive. There are some fast fixes for an easy makeover of your front or backyard, and outdoor fountains are one way to quickly change your surroundings.

Do you have a tough time growing flowers, bushes, and trees? Do they seem to die all too easily? If so, you’ll appreciate outdoor fountains that much more. Because water features are simple to operate, you don’t have to worry about them dying on you. Whether you opt for solar or electric power, the hardest job you have is determining where to put the fountain. Because they’re built to last, outdoor fountains provide years of enjoyment without a lot of fuss. You’ll finally have something with life in your yard!

While you do have to occasionally clear your water feature of debris, it requires less maintenance than you might imagine. If you see any buildup or residue, a quick scrubbing should take care of the problem. The extra effort is worth it – a water feature adds timeless appeal no matter where it’s placed. The sound of water helps soothe the soul, while the movement of water makes it an instant focal point.

Outdoor fountains are the hottest thing in hardscaping, yet they’re also the easiest pieces to add to an existing landscape. They are appropriate both in the front and backyard, though water features get more attention in the front area of the home. In the front yard, a water feature is a focal point because it attracts the most attention, particularly if it’s sizeable. In the backyard, water features tend to take a backseat to furnishings. Many gardeners add a small or medium-sized fountain to a meandering path.

What can you do to call more attention to your waterfall feature? Water displays tend to get lost if they’re buried behind grasses and shrubs. Because you don’t want your fountain getting lost in foliage, it’s smart to first consider its proportion to your plants. A large water feature is easy to spot, but a small one quickly can get overtaken. Make sure that you clear a wide path so that you can keep it on full display, yet you don’t want it to look too lonely. Landscaping stones and short plants will call plent