Don’t Forget the Pond Fountain in Your Landscaping Plan

Are you finally landscaping your yard, adding paths, fish ponds, benches, swings, patios, and private places to sit and reflect? Don’t forget to include a pond fountain when you design your plan. Pond fountains are more than a piece of décor added to your pond for visual appeal.

A pond fountain aerates the water, producing a proper gas exchange in the water which in turns creates a healthier environment for the creatures who call it home. In addition the increased circulation of the water inhibits the growth of algae in your pond. Whether you have a small ornamental pond or are large lake in your backyard, a pond fountain will make it a more attractive part of your landscaping.

Most pond fountains float on top of the water and, if designed as an aerator, are generally more durable and have a higher horsepower motor operating it. However, the amount of horsepower needed depends on the size of the fountain. Fountains come in several sizes from those intended for small accent ponds to those designed for use in large natural or manmade lakes and ponds.

When searching for a pond fountain, you should ensure that it is constructed with quality materials which are durable and water proof. All of the working parts should be made from durable materials, sealed and lubricated appropriately, and built for its intended use as a pond fountain. Floating fountains generally use a mooring device to keep them in one place in larger ponds, and can be easily weighted for use in small ponds.

In addition, for a truly unique aspect to your landscaping, you can purchase larger fountains with lights. Using colored bulbs makes for a festive decoration on the water. Even a pond fountain can be as individual as the owner who purchases it. The display can be produced through one nozzle, several nozzles, or even several fountains.

Lights, sprays, and colors will enhance any pond or lake adding to the ambiance of your outdoor living, even if you can only see it from a distance. Having a cleaner, healthier pond in your yard will benefit your pets, and you and your family. Being able to spend time around the pond makes the purchase of a pond fountain seem impossible to pass up.

When you are ready to purchase, you should do a little research to determine what you really want and need.