Do Water Fountains Clean Indoor Air?

Indoor water fountains have long been touted for their ability to create a calm, serene environment. Because the sound of rainfall is so relaxing, water features do wonders for the soul. The sound has been proven to help heal and relax; it’s the ultimate anxiety-buster.

Beyond their calming resonance, water fountains also add humidity to a home. Whether you have dry skin or contact lenses, a running waterfall is the ideal way to bring much-needed moisture into arid indoor air. Even houseplants do better when there’s a waterfall in the room.

But now, one scientist has proven that water fountains actually purify the air. A scientist with Quality Environmental Services examined the difference that a fountain can make in a 2700 square foot space. After examining the air content after one month, the results signified that the 84” tall fountain removed as much dust and debris as a HEPA air purifier. A water feature is the perfect way to cleanse stale indoor air, and the larger the water fixture is, the more purification that results.

When water is combined with slate or another natural backdrop, it makes for a distinctive piece of art in the home. In fact, it’s like bringing the outdoors in: You can bring a piece of nature into the home without worrying about it dying. Unlike neglected plants that drop dead from being ignored, water fountains can go on forever.

Technology has come a long way, so that water features are easier than ever to maintain. With splash guards and better-quality water distribution systems, homeowners no longer have to worry about excessive splashing or clogging. And because the water isn’t stagnant, it’s less prone to algae.

Some models come with LED lights for an especially upscale look, appearing as though the lights are accenting a special piece of artwork. Whether you select a wall, floor, or table model, you’ll be surprised by how bold of a statement a water feature can make in a room.

In the end, most homeowners purchase water features for the aesthetic statement. Unlike fixed objects and knickknacks, waterfalls are moving, purifying entities that breathe life into an otherwise stale home. Rather than collecting dust like other decor, waterfalls actually fight air pollutants, making it just a bit easier for everyone to breathe. No matter what style you choose, you’ll appreciate your waterfall for a variety of unseen yet valuable reasons.