Different Water Fountains to Consider

Without a doubt, water fountains can enhance the overall value of your indoor or outdoor space. They serve as a welcoming piece to anyone who visits your place, and if you have already seen one, you definitely would want to have one in your home. Now, if you are considering getting water fountain for your home, you have to know that there are different types of water fountains to choose from. Keep reading to know more about what these water fountain types are.

1.      Solar Water Fountains

Solar Water Fountains

As its name suggests, solar water fountains are solar-powered, which means that you don’t need electricity to make the water in the flow. They are also considered eco-friendly fountains as they do not pollute the environment in any way.

2.       Wall Water Fountains

Wall Water Fountains

These water fountains are ideal for those with limited space. As the name suggests, the only space they consume is your wall space. They are also very easy to install because all you need to need to is to hang them or mount them on your wall and presto, you just made a perfect addition to your home or office décor.

3.       Multi-tier Water Fountains

Multi-tier Water Fountains

 Multi-tier water fountains come with different tiers. Choices include 2 tiers, 3 tiers and even multi-tiers that are really great as outdoor water fountains.  Most of these multi-tier water fountains are fitted with lights to serve as a wonderful feast to the eyes at night.

4.       Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains are sculpted stones and are perfect for outdoor use. These are generally durable and rugged, which means that they can endure the wear and tear associated with the outdoor space and environment. They are also perfect for garden use because of their rustic and natural look.3

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