Different Types of Solar Powered Fountains

Solar powered fountains are one of the most convenient water features for which one could ask. They provide an easy way to get a fountain up and running without using electricity from an outlet or from the house mains. Of course, this means that they are among the most practical of water features, especially for very large applications where the fountain may be removed from any power sources. Solar power also makes a fountain extremely mobile. This has value when they’re in use and when they need to be taken in for the year, to insulate them from the cold weather.

The most common type of solar water fountain is the smaller type found in many gardens. These come in as many designs as do standard fountains. One of the main design differences between the models is the placement of the solar panel. Some models have a solar panel attached, which means they can be moved and repositioned as easily as they can be picked up. Others have a remote panel that can be placed in a sunnier area than that occupied by the fountain itself, making locating these devices very easy and much more convenient for some owners. The fountain, in these cases, can be expected to accommodate the landscaping, not vice versa.

Solar power is actually a natural choice for the very large models that keep ponds and artificial lakes aerated and clean. These fountains are usually situated near the center of the water feature, which makes them difficult to power. With a solar-powered fountain, all one has to do is turn it on and forget about it (except for the occasional need to add water). It will work as long as there is sunlight and, after the sun goes down, the pond or lake will become that much more peaceful. These can provide many years of service and require little maintenance.

When choosing from among the various types of solar water fountains available, keep landscaping features in mind. For example, a water fountain with a fixed panel may not be suitable for a garden where there is a great deal of shade. A moveable panel, of course, can be placed at the perimeter of the shade, making solar a viable power source for such areas. The solar panel can even be mounted to a tree or a wall in a way that does not attract attention. As solar power becomes more popular and advanced, it will likely find more uses in fountain technology, as well.

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