Different Types of Outdoor Water Fountains

Outdoor water fountains can enhance the attractiveness of your garden, pond and other landscaped areas of your lawn. There are many different types of fountains available and creating unique water features is only limited by your imagination.

For ponds and lakes there are outdoor water fountains that spray tall streams of water up into the air. These types of fountains are ideal when you have large areas you want to add water features to bring out natural beauty. There are even special fountains that have different colored lights on them. In the evening, once it gets dark out, you can create unique light and water shows with your fountain.

There are large fountains that can be added in an breezeway or other outdoor entry way into the home. These types of outdoor water fountains sit flush up against the exterior wall of the home and come in various styles to suit any need. What makes these types extraordinary is if they are installed correctly and match the color of the exterior wall, the fountain can look like it is a part of the home. Additionally it will appear as though the water is coming out of the top of the wall and down into the fountain.

Other types of outdoor water fountains are tiered to allow the water to come out of the top and run down each tier. These vary in size from being rather large, to smaller ones that can be added to any already-established flower garden. While planting flowers around the larger ones is not ideal, there are other landscaping possibilities that can be done.

A nice stone walkway can be created around the fountain and benches can be placed around it to create a nice, quiet sitting area. The walkway can be extended to run in-between on set of benches while the other areas can be planted with flowers and other plants. Then behind the benches a nice circular set of trees can be planted to provide shade for your special area. This also helps to make the area more private and secluded without having to put up fences. Solar powered lights can be added to the space so that it can be enjoyed on nice summer evenings.

Other types of outdoor water fountains can purchased with pre-made features such as waterfalls. These types of fountains can be utilized in landscapes that are sloped and can be made to look as though they are part of the natural surroundings.