Designing for the Senses: Outdoor Fountains

As you look around your patio or garden space, you may wonder exactly what it is that you’re missing. Perhaps it seems bare or just doesn’t look like the pages of a designer magazine. Fortunately, the problem is easily remedied by simply designing to appeal to the senses.

When it comes to your sense of sound and sight, outdoor fountains fulfill both sensory needs. Outside water features are not only gorgeous to gaze upon, but also beautiful to listen to on a warm evening. If it’s a substantial waterfall, it will make enough sound to mask undue noise pollution, like the busy road or your neighbor’s stereo. Smaller outdoor fountains are perfect for garden nooks.

Designers know that a tranquil outdoor oasis is one that appeals to all of the senses. That’s why you’ll see a pitcher of lemonade, flowers, and a hammock together on a porch. When sensory elements are brought together in unison, they form a more satisfying space.

For the sense of sound, outdoor fountains and wind chimes deliver a melodic, natural touch to your outside decor. Wind chimes work with the breeze, while outdoor fountains can deliver sound any time of day. The tender whispers of water and wind chimes are universally appealing.

Water features appeal to the sense of sight, as do candles and other eye-catching elements. A porch fan is the perfect way to add a light breeze and enhance the sense of touch, along with a few well-placed pillows on a porch swing or bench. Add some sweet-smelling roses and a covered pitcher, and you’ve got yourself a magazine cover. You won’t ever want to leave your outdoor space!

Unlike grass that needs mowing every week, or hedges that need constant trimming, garden water features need relatively little maintenance. As long as you check the water level and clear out debris, your water fountain should deliver years of enjoyment. Who says you have to spend hours on yard work? By carefully choosing low-maintenance items that appeal to the senses, you can spend your time enjoying your yard, rather than toiling endlessly in the sun.

From slate to stone and everything in between, there are plenty of options in materials for your water feature. The right choice is whichever one appeals to you, although it’s best to mix up textures throughout your garden and porch area, so that your eye doesn’t have an overload of one material.