Design and Style Considerations When Buying Outdoor Wall Fountains

An outdoor fountain is one of the most important elements when constructing a garden space around your home, if you want to add elegance and sophistication. Choosing the right style and design is one of the most important parts of achieving your goals, though. What sort of styles and designs will you find available with these water features? Actually, you can find almost anything at all.

Classic Styles

If you love the look and feel of classic architecture, then you will have a wide range of options in these water features. For instance, you will find many different European motifs in bas relief – lion heads, fleur-de-lis and others. Other classic options include angels and cherubs, shell motifs, urns and dolphins.

These types of outdoor wall fountains can be excellent options when you want to imbue your space with classic elegance and beauty. However, they’re far from the only option out there.

Gothic, Medieval and Religious Options

For many people, a Gothic style is a better option, and you’ll find these water features available with gargoyle bas reliefs and more. If you prefer something more medieval, then there are flowers, shields, rampant lions and others. If you want to express your religious faith, there are options for this, as well, such as the Ten Commandments, Biblical verses and more.

These options are excellent ways to add a slightly different theme to your garden area, and can help to tie together quite a few different overall themes.

Modern Art

However, your options are not constrained to just those listed above. If you love modern art, then you will find quite a few different options. Metal designs, abstract art and modern sculpture are all available to help you create a sleek, modern, relaxing outdoor space.

Material Choices

In addition to the style and design that you choose, you’ll also need to consider the material from which outdoor wall fountains are constructed. Natural stone is an excellent option, though aged manmade stone can also be a great way to achieve the look that you want. For those more interested in a modern look, steel, glass and copper can be good options. However, there are other options like polished river rocks, pebbles, bronze and resin.

Choosing your fountain will require that you first determine the look and style that you want, and then look at options that allow you to achieve those goals.