Decorate a Small Office

161When you first moved into your office, you were most likely proud of the space, especially if you had never had an office before. However, it does not take long for a small office to feel even smaller. You may think that all you have room for in your space are items needed to work. However, if you do not have any d├ęcor or anything to personalize your office, it can feel more and more like a jail cell, which is not conducive to work at all. There are ways you can decorate even a small office. All you need is a little creative thinking.

Choose Wall Art

One of your best tools in a small environment would be wall art. Artwork will not take up any space in a cramped room, and it can add a decorative and personal element to the space. Be sure to choose smaller wall art, though, or it can become overwhelming in a small space.

For very small offices, stick with prints that are no larger than 16″x20″ in size. The best wall art will give you something calming and soothing to look at. Do you have a favorite vacation spot on a tropical island? Do you enjoy hiking to Amazon waterfalls? Use images and prints that will help to take away your stress.

Consider Indoor Water Features

You may think that there is simply no space for a fountain in your small office, but that is not necessarily true. You can choose indoor water features that sit on your desk for especially small rooms. If you have a little space in an office, then you can choose indoor water features that mount on the wall. Either way, the result will be stress-relieving or relaxing, which is a must for a work environment. Just be sure to choose a water feature that will not overwhelm the room.

Think about Hanging a Mirror

While you most likely think of mirrors as something you have in your home, they can actually be quite decorative in an office setting with the right frame and style. In a small room, the mirror will actually create the illusion of a larger space without having any extra space in the room.

Your small office does not have to be bleak and boring. Even though you do not have much room, you can still decorate and create a much more comfortable work environment.

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