Creating the Ideal Garden Space with Outdoor Wall Fountains

Your garden area or outdoor relaxation area is one of the most important places in your home. It provides a refuge, a haven from the cares of the day. It’s a place to walk or sit and let all your stress and worries wash away. You can use outdoor wall fountains to enhance the beauty, elegance and restfulness of your garden or relaxation area, as well. There are some very good ways that you can do this by using different types of water features.

French Country Style

If you love French Country style, then you can bring that into your garden or relaxation area with outdoor fountains. You will find water features that feature the fleur-de-lis, as well as other traditional French motifs. Winding vine motifs, flowers and even tapestry patterns can help you achieve a stunning, relaxed look that will make you feel like you’re in Provence.

Medieval Castle

Do you love the look and feel of medieval architecture? If so, then there are some great options available to you. You can enjoy a fountain with a gargoyle motif, or a rampant lion. You can also find other types of outdoor wall fountains. For instance, starbursts and suns, reproductions from areas like Hampshire and Canterbury, as well as many other options can be found. These can give you the feel that you’re in an English garden and that the days of chivalry are not quite gone yet.

Renaissance Style

If you prefer something a bit more Italian, then you’ll find a range of different Renaissance themed water features available. For instance, you might choose to use flower and leaf designs, or reproductions from Tuscany to help you feel as though Da Vinci might walk through your garden at any time.

Making Your Choice

While all of the above mentioned outdoor wall fountains might seem appealing, you will need to determine what overall look and feel you want. Some people prefer to mix and match their styles, but it’s far more common to use a single theme throughout your outside area to provide the most relaxation and pleasure for your eye.

The best option is to find a trusted retailer that offers the widest range of styles, designs and construction materials. You’ll find that doing so will give you access to far more options than you would have otherwise, and help you create the perfect space.