Create Visual Interest in Your Yard with a Fountain Garden

Have you been looking for a great garden layout that will be both beautiful and beneficial? One thing that should certainly be considered is a fountain garden. This type of garden can employ vegetables, flowers, or any other plants, and is designed around a fountain so that it is the centerpiece of the area. Garden waterfall fountains are exceptionally beautiful and can help create a visual appeal that will turn even the most basic garden into a spectacular work of art. The best thing is that these gardens can be created in any space, from a tiny urban plot to a sprawling backyard that encompasses acres of space.

When you are looking to create a garden that employs a waterfall fountain, you will want to consider the size of the space. Cast stone and concrete fountains are most often used in larger spaces, though if you have a small space you may wish to use a smaller pedestal fountain. Work to make sure that the size of the fountain is right for the space so that it doesn’t overpower the eye but isn’t dwarfed by the surrounding area. For exceptionally large spaces, multiple fountains can be used to create either a pattern of similar fountains or even several smaller fountains surrounding a large one.

Your garden waterfall fountain will certainly offer tremendous visual benefit to your space. You may find that you prefer a classic fountain design or that you wish to employ an Asian-inspired model such as a Zen fountain. Many people also find that creating a small walkway leading to the fountain will offer visual appeal. Placing benches or other seating nearby will allow the ability to simply sit down, relax, and enjoy the tranquil sounds of falling water while enjoying the beauty of the garden as well.

If there are already trees and plants in the area, you can certainly create a fountain garden that makes use of the existing landscape to help make it even more beautiful. If you are starting the area from scratch, however, you will want to be sure that you do not plant trees near the base of the fountain. Spreading roots can pose a threat to the base of the fountain, and falling leaves will decompose in the water and create many problems inside the fountain. While this can be overcome with maintenance, prevention is certainly much easier. In all, waterfall fountains are certainly a wonderful fit for any outdoor space and can help you turn your garden into a true work of art.

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