Create Chi in Your Home or Office with Water Walls

Feng Shui believers consider chi to be the force of life, or positive energy derived from proper balance, harmony and prosperity in the environment in which they live. There are five elements of Feng Shui: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. All play an important role in achieving chi. The element of water can be incorporated inside a home or office using water walls or some other type of indoor water fountain.

All the elements work together, or against each other, to either create or prevent chi. Water is used to by wood to grow; wood is the fuel of fire; ash from fire becomes earth soil; the earth produces metals and minerals; these metals and minerals compose water with life-giving substances. In a Feng Shui environment, all the elements interrelate to produce energy in the home or office, which can be negative or positive.

Using the Element of Water

Since cut glass is linked with the water element, as is a mirror, water walls created from these substances are a powerful source of the water element. In addition, you can use metals for the basin, or wood in the structure, bringing in these elements as well. The wavy lines of water are considered yin, used to balance the straight lines of yang.

To truly use Feng Shui elements in your d├ęcor, you should study the theories since there are certain directions and areas that elements should and should not be placed. For instance, water is symbol of wealth and prosperity; you should never face water walls toward the outside of home or office or your wealth and prosperity will be flowing out, away from you.

Additional Chi Benefits

Other objects are symbols of good fortune, which can be incorporated into water walls, such as the turtle, which is said to bring great fortune. It is also the symbol of longevity. But, the turtle is the guardian of the north; so ensure that if you have a turtle it is appropriately placed. Always point the turtle toward the inside of the room.

Water walls move and stimulate chi by continually circulating and refreshing the water. Chi can be created inside or outside by placing a water wall in your home or yard. These should point toward the home or office, or into the room. Water walls provide health benefits and relaxation benefits purifying the environment as well as creating chi.